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I was born in 1952 into a musical family. Danville, Virginia has always been my home, except for the years that I spent most of my time traveling and performing. While Danville is a great place to live, it has never been a great place to be a creative musician. When those years came to an end I began to pursue other endeavors that would provide a more secure future for my family and me. I became a registered nurse, and have earned the bulk of my living as such since. I also attended the Bible Institute at Liberty University for two years and became an ordained minister, but after a few years of being on staff of several sizable churches, I decided that the type of ministry I was called to do could be practiced more effectively as a nurse. Nursing has been very good to me, and has provided the stability in my life to continue to pursue the music that I love so much. I have continued to write and record music in my spare time, as well as the occasional live performance. The beat definitely goes on. Aerospace Engineering, Students, Network, Aerospace

Back to the music, I played in my first band at 11 and have endeavored to grow as a musician ever since. Professional AssignmentHolic uk assignment writers helped me a lot with my papers at school, so I could play guitar without getting distracted by things I am not into. Early bands played "Soul Music", which continues to be a huge influence to this day. I was playing with Percy Sledge and Otis Redding by the time I was 13, and this pattern continued with groups I was a part of providing music for The Showmen, The Tams, Major Lance, Eddie Floyd, Garnett Mims, and the list goes on and on. I entered new musical genres later, such as blues and rock, but the soul influence has always remained strong in my music.

I always looked at changing from one instrument to another as a technical problem, so I never hesitated to play whatever was needed. I became interested in the recording process early on and learned engineering, production, and arranging, and went on to set up my own studio, which has evolved over the years. I have produced and recorded other artists in my studio and other studios. The bottom line is I LOVE MUSIC! Every aspect of the process, every instrument, all the time. It's certainly not for any money I might earn from it, because that's minimal. It's not for any notoriety, for that's even more minimal. It's simply because I love the music. I decided a long time ago that I was going to do it for me. If others want to sing along or if their lives are touched in a positive way by what I do, great! I will continue to share music as long as I am able.

Music is love! God bless,

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Glad To Be Back Up & Running!

I'm glad to finally have the website back up, a thank you to Daniel Hairston for designing and coding my new site! I've been working hard on a new CD, that will be released sometime this summer - I will keep you posted! I've been having a ton of fun playing some live blues gigs with some great musicians, and a few shows with 58 West.

Stay tuned guys and gals, I will have more news coming soon!

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